A21 Walk For Freedom

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Every step we bring awareness and fund raise for victims of Human Trafficking.

Join us on October 17th for the A21 Walk For Freedom!! Participants need to register on this link https://www.a21.org/walk
Location Directions: @ The Square, near SARS, Nelspruit 1200, Mpumalanga South Africa Route: From SARS offices, left into Anderson street towards Plaza and left at Henshall street towards the station, left into Andrew street at Paul Kruger street left turn across Anderson street into Bester street and then end were we started. There are millions of SLAVES in the world today, and that's why we walk. Walk For Freedom is a global fundraising and awareness event. Rallying thousands of abolitionists, taking millions of steps, showing up in hundreds of cities all over the world, Walk For Freedom is an outward expression of our inward desire to see slavery completely abolished. On October 19th, single-file lines of people in black will fill their local streets, sidewalks, bridges, and tunnels with a message that can't be ignored: slavery still exists. Together we will walk, holding signs and passing out flyers to reach the people in our city with the message of human trafficking. Telling our communities that they actually have the power to make change possible. We believe that when we all show up locally, we will have an impact globally. In our cities, in our communities, in our world. One step at a time, we fundraise and walk to see a world without slavery.      

17 Oct
A21 Walk For Freedom
  • Organized by: A21 campaign
  • Venue: The Square, near SARS, Nelspruit 1200, Mpumalanga South Africa
  • Phone: +27 792617069
  • Email: info@irisdignity.org