Rehab Project


Rehab Project is a sponsorship program that aims to offer these men and women the possibility to take that step, leave drugs and the street and build a new brighter future for themselves.
Stepping out of drug addiction is a big step. It is a real turning point towards Life as it was meant to be.

Youngsters in the rehab project will be guided by Dignity. During the first months, they will be in a rehab centre. After that we will put them in skills development schools

How it works:

• Each youth will be sponsored for 6 months at a cost of R1500 or $120USD per month
• Sponsorship can be done individually or by a group i.e. family, friends, prayer or Bible study group, church, work colleagues, etc.
• For example; a group of 6 people will each sponsor the woman with $20 USD a month.
• Each sponsor or group will receive a picture, a personal story and a monthly update
• Each group will have one contact for communication with dignity
• Christian groups will also be asked to pray for the lady.

For your information

• A one off or smaller monthly donation is welcome but donors will not receive a personal story or update
• If the sponsored youth terminates her guidance from dignity before the end of the 6 month period Dignity will immediately notify the sponsor or group
• Sponsorship money will cover basic needs but another income is vital. This could come from the project called ‘Skills Training’ and/or a cleaning/housekeeping job. A stay in a shelter is possible by sponsorship through ‘the rehab Project’.

Our goal is 20 youth per year, currently 8 boys are in a rehab centre.

Fund Raised
  • $755.00Pledged
  • $24,000.00Goal
  • 5Backers