Support the Causes

Together we can empower women to leave prostitution and sex slavery and sustain a new life with dignity. Your donation can change the lives of many.

Rehab Project

Rehab Project is a sponsorship program that aims to offer these men and women the possibility to take that step, leave drugs and the street and build a new brighter future for themselves.

4 Backers 4% Fund Raised $24,000
Traffick Proof

Traffick proof – we commit to go to every school in our province to traffick proof our kids and bring awareness to the community on Human trafficking.


3 Backers 53% Fund Raised $2,100
Breakthrough Camp

Breakthrough Camp – 0ur exit program with ladies who take the step of faith to leave the sex industry.

2 Backers 1% Fund Raised $9,500

Coaching – Our ladies that have graduated from the Breakthrough camp will be assisted by a personal coach for 6 months or more.

1 Backers 1% Fund Raised $3,400
Skills Training

Skills Training – empowering victims through skills development, partnering with different NGO’s and GO’s

1 Backers 1% Fund Raised $2,400
A21 Walk For Freedom

Walk For Freedom – awareness campaign for Human trafficking

5 Backers 3% Fund Raised $2,400

Dialogues – we conduct dialogues and awareness campaigns in communities that are vulnerable to Human trafficking and where we have found victims.

1 Backers 1% Fund Raised $1,640