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Together we can empower women to leave prostitution and sex slavery and sustain a new life with dignity. Your donation can change the lives of many.

Covid-19 Food Distribution

During these times, many of us are struggling, those that depend on the income of a woman working in prostitution are many. They provide for whole families, kids, siblings, nieces and nephews of deceased family. We need to show them we care, that they are not alone struggling in this world.

5 Backers 6% Fund Raised $5,000
Community Outreach

Community outreach and awareness. Together with different stakeholders we talk with the community and address different issues like Gender Based Violence and Human Trafficking.


0 Backers 0% Fund Raised $1,600
Rehab Project

Rehab Project is a sponsorship program that aims to offer these men and women the possibility to take that step, leave drugs and the street and build a new brighter future for themselves.

5 Backers 4% Fund Raised $24,000
Traffick Proof

Traffick proof – we commit to go to every school in our province to traffick proof our kids and bring awareness to the community on Human trafficking.


3 Backers 53% Fund Raised $2,100
Breakthrough Camp

Breakthrough Camp – 0ur exit program with ladies who take the step of faith to leave the sex industry.

2 Backers 1% Fund Raised $9,500

Coaching – Our ladies that have graduated from the Breakthrough camp will be assisted by a personal coach for 6 months or more.

1 Backers 1% Fund Raised $3,400
Skills Training

Skills Training – empowering victims through skills development, partnering with different NGO’s and GO’s

1 Backers 1% Fund Raised $2,400
A21 Walk For Freedom

Walk For Freedom – awareness campaign for Human trafficking

5 Backers 3% Fund Raised $2,400

Dialogues – we conduct dialogues and awareness campaigns in communities that are vulnerable to Human trafficking and where we have found victims.

1 Backers 1% Fund Raised $1,640